My Services

I’m here to make your virtual experience heat up while keeping it as cool as it gets.

WordPress Expertise

With my expertise in WordPress, I can fulfill your requirements and surpass your expectations. Allow me to apply my in-depth understanding of this powerful platform for you.

♦ ♦ ♦
Custom WordPress Themes
Website Maintenance
Site Performance
Security & Anti-hacking
Unique Design
Marketing Insights
Database Administration
Custom Plugins

Modern Methods

Modern web problems require modern JavaScript solutions.  Get next-gen functionality and interactivity without sacrificing support coverage or performance.

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JavaScript (ES6+)
React / Angular / Vue
Asset Performance
Custom Modules
Single-Page Websites

Cloud Cover

Infrastructure might sound boring, but it’s important for the success of your website. You don’t have to stress about servers or security; I’ve got your back-end covered!

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Cloud Computing
Continuous Integration
GitHub / Source Control
CloudFlare / CloudFront
Heroku / AWS / Google Apps
Docker & Docker-compose
DNS & Web Hosting
Server Maintenance

Keeping Up With the Times

As a savvy internet user, you already know the importance of staying up to date with current web standards, best practices, and new technologies. By keeping your finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving web landscape, you ensure that your online presence remains relevant, secure, and user-friendly. It’s like constantly sharpening your tools to stay ahead of the game.

With my expertise and ever-expanding knowledge of the latest trends and technologies, I’ll make sure your website passes every test with flying colors.

A stylized computer desk with monitor and accessories
A stylized computer desk with monitor and accessories

Mobile-First Isn’t Just a Buzzword

I’m all about the power of responsive and mobile-first web design. Mobile browsing is at an all-time high, and at the same time, consumer trends are changing as buyers feel more comfortable making important and even sizable purchases online. You need to capture your mobile audience quickly and hold their attention, all while still offering a quality experience to desktop users.

Sound difficult?  That’s where I come in!

Consulting FAQ

Woman in a business suit walking in the city
What consulting services do you provide?

I offer the following services primarily, but I am always up for a challenge so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let’s have a conversation anyway!


  • Website design
  • Web & software development
  • Site maintenance
  • Performance overhauls
  • Database administration
  • Server administration
  • E-commerce
  • Multi-lingual websites
  • Accessibility
  • Responsive layouts
  • Marketing collateral
  • Performance evaluations
  • Design revamps
  • Business branding
  • Web hosting
  • Illustration
Can you increase my site's search-engine ranking?

In most cases, yes!  I find that many websites have not implemented SEO best-practices to the fullest, so there are often many opportunities for improvement. There are several steps I can take to make sure your website ranks in major search engines organically, with no additional cost to you.

My site isn't scoring well on Page Speed Insights! Can you help?

Absolutely!  I will sit down with your existing site and run a series of deep and informative performance tests that will tell us exactly where improvements can and should be made.  You’ll be able to watch as your scores for both desktop and mobile users starts to go up, up, up!

How much do you typically charge for services?
For larger projects such as website migrations, I’ll provide a comprehensive and detailed quote for you, and I’ll work with and around your budget and requirements to get you the most bang for your buck.

Smaller projects and ongoing work like website maintenance are billed hourly in weekly invoices.

I also offer emergency services for times when things are really dire. If your site has been hacked or you have work that needs to be done like yesterday, I’m on call for my customers on nights and weekends.

  • Creative Design Services ———- $35/hour
  • Web Development Services ——- $50/hour
  • Emergency Services —————- $75/hour
  • Rush Services ———————— $75/hour
How long should I expect my project to take?

Every project is different, of course, so the timing of completion is always different.  If you would like a detailed, estimated timeline for your project, go on and request a quote!


General FAQ

What services does a web consultant provide?

A web consultant offers a range of services such as website development, design, optimization, and digital marketing strategies tailored to enhance online presence and drive success for businesses.

Can a web consultant improve my website's search engine ranking?

Yes, a skilled consultant can optimize your website using various techniques like keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building to improve its visibility on search engine result pages, ultimately attracting more organic traffic.

What are the benefits of hiring a web consultant instead of doing it myself?

A web consultant brings industry knowledge, expertise, and a fresh perspective to your project. They save you time and effort, provide professional guidance, and ensure your website stands out in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

How much does web consulting typically cost?

The cost may vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Web consultants may charge hourly rates or provide package options. It’s crucial to discuss specific requirements and budget upfront to ensure a transparent and mutually beneficial partnership.

What is the expected timeline for web consulting projects?

Project timelines depend on various factors, including the size of the project and your specific goals. A web consultant will work closely with you to establish realistic timelines and milestones to ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

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